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Photo Tip Thursday: Shooting Near Water

This week’s Photo Tip Thursday has all to do with shooting on/near large bodies of water.  Lakes, rivers, ponds and other bodies of water offer some stunning scenery for the background of your outfit photos, but they also present some

Photo Tip Thursday: Color Spaces

Lately, I’ve received a lot of questions about problems faced when exporting photos for use on blogs and Instagram.  One of the most baffling problems is a desaturation of photos after they’re exported and viewed on an iPhone or web

Photo Tip Thursday: Indoor Photography

 This week’s photo tip is a follow-up to last week’s post about low light photography.  It has to do with another area of low-light photography, indoor photography.  Indoor photography presents some unique challenges to outfit photography in that there is

Photo Tip Thursday: Low Light Photography

For this week’s Photo Tip Thursday, I’ll be talking about shooting in low light.  Taking photographs in low light can present some serious challenges to overcome when it comes to taking outfit photos. The glaring problem here is the small

Photo Tip Thursday: Buying Used Lenses

This week’s photo tip Thursday has all to due with purchasing used lenses.  Many of the same criteria mentioned in last week’s post about buying used cameras need to be met when buying a used lens as well, however there’s

Photo Tip Thursday: Buying Used Cameras

Lately, I’ve been asked a whole lot of questions about buying used camera equipment.  There’s kind of a weird misconception that when people list their used gear for sale online that it’s because something is wrong or defective with item/items

Photo Tip Thursday: A Camera Buyer’s Guide

Grace and I always get a lot of questions asking what kind of equipment we use.  I realized the other day that I did a lens buyer’s guide {here} a while back, but I’ve never done a guide on the

Photo Tip Thursday: A Guide to Apertures

For this week’s Photo Tip Thursday, I thought I’d make a comprehensive guide of all of the different types of shots I take when Grace and I go out for a shoot, i.e. which apertures I use and where I