#FitWithASD Video: Dietary Supplements FAQ

I always receive questions on what kind of dietary supplements I take, when I take them, etc.  I actually posted a blog post on it not too long ago over here, if you want to check that out, but I also wanted to share all of my favorites on video! Let me know if you have any questions.  I have all of the products I discussed in the video linked in the widget below too!

6 Responses to #FitWithASD Video: Dietary Supplements FAQ

  1. Kritsida says:

    You look so good & love the workout gear!
    x. kritsida

  2. April Lanman says:

    Who/Where do you get your meal inspiration from? What guidelines do you follow?

    • I typically start out with a meat that I want to eat, then a cuisine {i.e. asian, italian, etc} and then go from there! I love to cook, so creating meals aren’t too difficult for me. You can make any meal healthy by swapping out stuff! I don’t follow any guidelines — I just try to hit my macros every day 🙂

  3. Keri Elaine says:

    This is fascinating! Thank you for taking the time to show each supplement and how you fit it into your eating and drinking scheduled!


    Keri Elaine

  4. Jordan says:

    Do you use a particular app for counting your macros? And how do you know how many you can have in a day? This is new to me. I’ve done the paleo zone diet, but never really counted macros.

  5. Natalie Lenderman says:

    I use to be an athlete in high school and college, so now that I’m not an athelte working out, eating, and weight is a lot different for me. I know you talk about your macros. I didn’t know if you could talk more about the ones you follow on a weekly basis. Or give a little more overview of that.

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