Short Shorts


1) “Who likes short shorts?” {sorry, I had to…}.  These shorts from Shop Bella C are fabulous–make sure to check out their rompers too because they’re so stinkin’ cute.
Use the promo code: SouthernDrawlSBC to get a discount off! This will be valid until August 22.

2) I can barely be outside for five minutes without fearing that I’m going to melt away…unless there’s a pool nearby, of course.

3) This is by far the best denim jacket I have ever purchased.  I’m not kidding.  It’s a wee bit stretchy so the first time you wear it, it’ll feel like you’ve been wearing it for years.  Oh, AND it’s on sale. You go, J.Crew. You go.

4) Borderline obsessed with the song ‘Gooey’ by Glass Animals.  I keep playing it on repeat whenever bubs and I are in the car.  I’m pretty sure he’s ready for a new song of the week…

5) My friends from high school {err…even grade school–we’ve been friends a lonnngg time} are in town and I’m so so SO excited.  Hooooooray for Friday!

7 Responses to Short Shorts

  1. Kelly says:

    These shorts are SO cute!

  2. Morgan Paige says:

    This outfit looks so effortless! Love your turquoise necklace as well.

  3. Your look is so cute!


  4. Me-OW! You little muscle!


  5. Lea says:

    beautiful i just found your website in about me, nice blog

  6. Love the shorts. must buy now!

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